How to Make Charming Specialty Wedding Cake Designs

Everything is special about wedding, so is wedding cake. The people who attend a wedding give as much attention to the cake as given to the couple. The most important part of this cake is its decoration. Toppers and icing are used for the decoration. Natural and artificial flowers are also widely used for this decoration.

Specialty wedding cake designs are to be taken seriously. There are various types cakes. Some couples may prefer a unique specialty cake design for their weddings. They insist on a design never used before to enable it to stand out for the special and memorable event of their lives.

Whatever design you choose, the design should express the couple. The design should translate their vision. Moreover, they should also be works of art.

Here are three ways of ensuring a charming cake design.

Specialty wedding cake design: No compromise on design. Go for the professional hand. Go to the baker who is specialized in specialty wedding cake designs. Ask the baker to show the picture gallery. You will see dozens of pictures in the folder the baker provides. These pictures are of real cakes already made. Select the one which you think is most suitable for you. Ask the baker to make some changes in the design you selected so that it will look unique. You may decide on the size of the cake or leave it to the baker to decide to accommodate all the details of the design.

Wedding cake toppers: A topper is an important part of a specialty cake design. In most cases, the exact replica of the couple is represented in a couple of figurines on top of the cake. At least at some weddings, the topper used is the heirloom of the bride’s family and it is repeatedly used by them for every wedding in the family. There are several types of toppers like military toppers, crystal toppers, and monogram toppers.

Wedding cake charm: Pulling out a charm from the layers of the cake by the bridesmaid is a very old tradition. The charm is the symbol of good luck. It is placed in the cake and is attached to a satin ribbon.

Give a new dimension to the cake concept which is followed in every wedding for ages.

How to Get Specialty Cake Ideas

Specialty cakes are a whole new world of creativity and expressing oneself. New ideas on specialty cakes are available in plenty. With these innovative ideas, you can now make a cake at home for special occasions like birthday, Christmas or even a wedding. What you require is only a little patience and a willingness to learn new things.

In order to express your ideas and theme, it is imperative that you make a large cake. A large single-tier cake will spoil the look. It will look very bulky thus spoiling all your creative ideas and themes. Therefore, go for a three-tier or multi-tier cake that has enough space to convey what you want to.

Choose a theme: To stand out from those ordinary cake designs, what you need to do is to have a theme. Then all elements must be chosen/arranged in such a way that it matches the theme.

Use idea finder: There are lots of idea finder websites online through which you can get inspiring ideas for our cakes. Some of them are complex while others are simple yet elegant. Certain sites make idea finding very easy by providing options to choose based on categories like type, celebration, and theme.

Customize the cake: A specialty cake just does not become special based on the occasion alone. To make it really ‘special,’ you can add something related to the person involved in the occasion. However, this is possible only in case of occasions like wedding, birthday, etc.

Involve kids: Kids are not attracted to the finished product – specialty cake – but also interested in making the same. Therefore, it is a great idea to involve kids so long as they don’t spoil the whole attempt. You can witness many inspiring ideas from kids.

Improve, if not innovate: All of us cannot be innovative and find specialty cake ideas. And sometimes just following what is available in the net makes it less fun. So what you can do is to improvise and improve any given idea and put a lot of “you” in it. This way, it becomes a new idea which is also a customized one.

Getting specialty cake ideas is not difficult. You only need to keep your eyes, ears, and mind open. Ideas will flow automatically. The only prerequisite is that you should have a little experience in baking and have some basic ideas about making specialty cakes.

Three Reasons Why You Should Join a Specialty Cake Design School

Specialty cake design is an art. With some effort, anyone can do it and master it. More than the money, the satisfaction a person gets from the making it is more important. Preparing a unique cake for a birthday or marriage is great fun.

Specialty cake design involves a lot more than butter, flavor, flour, and frosting. A good design is worth more than any other thing. It is the center of action in a birthday or wedding ceremony. To make a good wedding or birthday cake, it needs elements of architecture, creativity, art, culinary expertise, and engineering. A good wedding cake transforms the wedding into a great experience. If you are interested in making good cakes for occasions, you may better get trained from some of the experts in the field.

If you are really creative, then you may not need to go to anywhere to find anything. However, most people do need the help of some professionals. Here are the three reasons for which you need to go to a school.

The specialty cake design schools let you know a lot about innovative designs. You will be able to determine an overall idea about the preparation of a cake. Moreover, special sessions will be there for color combinations, floral decorations, themes, etc. Combination and contrast occupy a great deal of importance. It will be a good idea if you get the advice of experts in matters like this.

Secondly, you need to be precise in your baking. Whatever be the external appearance, you will be appreciated only if the cake is exceptionally good. So you need to prepare the cake in a special way. The mixes should be of right choice and you need all the accessories with you to make it. A good specialty cake design school will tell you all about the different methods of preparation.

Frosting and ornamentation are two other important areas that are to be considered. The visual texture of the cake is done through frosting. Ornamentation is about the theme of the party. With the help of innovative ornamentation, you can make the occasion a pleasant one. Only a specialty cake design school can teach you this technique.

Thus, specialty cake design schools will provide you with some useful tips and some practical experience in the making of excellent cakes for different occasions, which no other method of learning can provide.